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Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research

by Lisa Walford

In June Lisa Walford represented Iyengar yoga at the Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research "SYTAR" conference in Newport Beach. Lori McIntosh assisted in the presentation which consisted of a beginner's practice for the Sinking Mind (major depression); a powerpoint on research and mechanisms behind the practice, and a demonstration of a sequence for a Stormy Mind (anxiety driven depression). The sessions were well attended, and students/teachers left with practical material they could apply in their sessions.

Diana Clifton, the Godmother of Iyengar Yoga in Southern California, dies at 95

by IyengarLA Editorial Staff

Diana Clifton holds a special place in the history of the Los Angeles Iyengar Yoga community. It was her workshop in 1977 that made the scattered local practitioners realize that they needed to get organized. They then formed the B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga Association of Southern California.

The Three Seasons of Ayurveda – Pitta

by Jeff Perlman

Ayurveda believes that there are seasons each year, which is defined by the three doshas; Vata-fall and early winter, Kapha- winter & early spring and Pitta- late spring and summer.

It is further understood that each dosha goes through three stages each year with the changes of the seasons, temperature and weather. These three stages will first accumulate, then aggravate and finally alleviate the doshas.

Learning from Motherhood: Yoga and Me

by Danielle Ou

This article was first printed in Yoga Vidya, Summer 2010: Being a Householder; Doing Yoga. – Ed.

Two weeks after the birth of my first child, I lay in supported Savasana. This had always been my preparatory pose for Pranayama, and one I did more for formality than for the pose itself. But on this occasion, I paused in amazement as I felt my organs move back to what, presumably, were their former places. It was the first time I felt the effect of the pose so dramatically and profoundly, and I was grateful and humbled by the gift of yoga in my life.