Yoga Vidya – Seeking to Hire Editor and Art Director

Journal of the B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga Associations of Los Angeles & of California Southern Region

Dear Association Members of Southern California,

The editor and art director of Yoga Vidya, Christie Hall and Linda Nishio, are stepping down from their respective roles and seeking replacements. Both roles must work closely together and with the senior advisor, currently Anna Delury, to ensure consistency with Iyengar Yoga standards. Both roles also serve as the eyes and ears of the local associations as well as the national association so major events are announced and documented. Both jobs come with a modest stipend which can only begin to cover the value of your time and creative energy. Here’s a bit of information to help you decide whether one of these positions is something you would enjoy taking on.

Yoga Vidya serves as the journal for the two local Iyengar associations, Los Angeles and California – Southern Region. In addition to running feature articles, it keeps members informed about events occurring locally and on the national level. Yoga Vidya is sent to the associations’ 1,000 members twice a year.

Linda and Christie wish to train their replacements as soon as possible, beginning with the next issue, which comes out in late January 2020, and continuing with the summer issue. Anna Delury will continue as senior advisor to ensure consistency.

Yoga Vidya evolved from a community-outreach newsletter in the 1970s into its present form beginning in 2003. Anna Delury served as senior advisor, Jackie Austin as editor, and Linda Nishio as art director on the newly designed publication. Over the course of the years, Catherine Fisher replaced Jackie; Mary Obendorfer replaced Anna; Christie Hall replaced Catherine, Lisa Walford replaced Mary, and recently Anna returned to replace Lisa.

Editor job description

    • Select a theme and sutra for each issue.
    • Develop a budget based on events relative to the theme and on proposed articles from writers. This budget should include proposed lengths, writers, possible artwork and deadlines.
    • Contact writers for articles planned. Contact editors for reprint permissions.
    • Edit all articles and read all proofs, arrange editing and proofreading for all articles and then proofs. Arrange and proof corrections with art director.

Art Director job description

    • Design, produce and distribute the journal.
    • Be computer literate with a desktop publishing program; an illustration program; Microsoft Office/Word and Photoshop.
    • Prepare PDF proofs for each phase of proofreading and production, make all requested corrections.
    • Organize mailing of digital and print copies.
    • Account for all expenses and prepare final billing to each association’s board.

If you are interested in one of these positions, please contact Editor Christie Hall directly: